The Funniest, Most Awkward and Embarrassing Father of the Groom Speech I’ve Ever Heard. Try This Instead

At least once in your life you experienced being the talk of the town, the embarrassing way! Uggh, doesn’t that make you feel like left out and cover your face the whole time? For sure no one likes to have that kind of moment. But what if happens to you on your own wedding day?

I’ve seen some people, particularly dads, during their father of the groom speech moment, where they literally messed it up. Some are bizarre that made me feel like I was watching a soap opera without drama in it. I meant nothing unique interesting at all. Others are more about the act and gesture of the speaker.Father of the Groom Speech
Hey, this is your son’s wedding and you’re supposed to contribute in making it a momentous day. If you are looking forward to your son’s wedding, better be excited and think of ways on how you can help make it a very wonderful event.

Why I’m sharing this to you is because hearing a very awkward father of the groom speech is not bearable. You feel nothing but pity and helpless, if you even care is what I meant. You may only be a friend and not even relative, but you’d feel sorry. That’s exactly how I felt, considering I’ve been in their shoes once. Thank goodness I never made a single mistake to mess my wedding speech.

I know how it felt to prepare a father of the groom speech. It wasn’t that easy as it may seem at all. I did research to make sure I’d give one of the best father of the groom toasts that people could ever hear.

For some reasons, those who failed to give a great father of the groom speech that I’ve witnessed might had not prepared well or never at all. But you who are here reading this now should consider yourself lucky.  I salute you for even taking the time to read this because it means you are digging information and surely want to create an excellent wedding speech as the groom’s father. You have that interest to learn the secrets of delivering a beautiful and not embarrassing or bad speech. Hence, guidelines and samples of father of the groom speeches should help you.

Let me share to you why your speech should never be awkward or embarrassing.

1. It can hurt the feeling of the groom, and maybe the bride’s too.

A father of the groom speech should motivate, praise, and complement the groom. This is a special personal message from a father to his son during his one of the best special days of his life. It’s never a good idea even if you don’t intentionally do it.

The speech I could never forget due to lots of mistakes and awkward moments is from a father who had not been with his son for years. He was divorce and children, including the groom at the wedding, grew up with the mother. Basically, he had only little things to share about his experiences with the groom. But even so, you’re not supposed to make him feel bad and become more a villain to his life.

What he did was he shared the life of his son from infant to like 12 years old. It made clear that he only knew his son during his childhood. I was wondering if he even made contact with his children and spent time with them. Because he’s there at the wedding so definitely he was not prohibited to see them.

I looked back and forth to him and to the groom to see how the latter would react. It was obvious in his face that he didn’t enjoy it. I’m sure a lot of the guests like me also noticed the awkwardness and insignificance to what he’s trying to say.

Even if you say you’ve spent most of your time with your kids, no divorce or custody problem at all, it’s possible that you may also make a mistake in your father of the groom speech.

2. It should make your son feel proud of you as you are to him.

Most, or I think all fathers feature how proud they are to their son when giving a father of the groom speech. Sometimes, they even go too far that they’re bragging, which can lose the respect of the audience. That’s a no-no by the way.

In your speech, you should also make him feel proud of you. If possible, make him show his soft, kindhearted soul through his tears.

From the story I just shared, I’m 100% sure the father didn’t make his son feel proud of him. Probably, he just made their connection even worse.

What should you do to make a very engaging and meaningful father of the groom speech?

1. Read father of the groom speech examples.

You learn by either experience or knowledge, and sometimes both. In the case of giving a speech, you need knowledge first before experience. You can’t undo your speech after it happened, unless there’s another one where you have to give a toast and try to make it better.

Examples of father of the groom speeches can provide you an idea of how yours should be made. You’d realize the style of tone that you will also have to follow. It definitely makes your writing less stressful.

2. Be serious on this matter.

It’s not a vain thing to give a wedding speech. Remember that words can easily be buried into the mind and heart of the recipient. What you’re going to say or share in your father of the groom speech will become permanent to the groom. He has to cherish and treasure it.

On that note, you must have the time to prepare this kind of speech and obtain more information as much as you need to help you create an excellent piece. I strongly suggest you to check Best Father of the Groom Speeches to get the most reliable sources that you need right now. There are plenty of good stuff from wedding speech etiquette to jokes that you may add and father of the groom speech examples.


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